Bryan Caplan’s Secret Libertarian Plot

(from a conversation with alison)

Bryan Caplan recently had a post on EconLog about transitioning from the status quo to a libertarian society. I was alerted to a particular section of the post, where Caplan describes one method for libertarians to create the libertarian utopia:

6. Strategic fertility.  Standard twin methods find that political philosophy and issue views (though not party labels) are at least moderately heritable.  But wait, there’s more: Since there’s strong assortative mating for political agreement, standard methods seriously understate the heritability of politics.   The upshot is that if libertarians can get and keep their birth rates well above average, liberty will actually be popular in a century or two.  And even if this plan to free the world fails, it will still create a bunch of awesome people.

The reason I found this particularly interesting was because of Caplan’s forthcoming book. The book’s title, Selfish Reasons to Have More Kids, is self-explanatory; Caplan advances several arguments aimed at providing people with selfish reasons to have more kids.

This got me thinking. Perhaps this is all part of a libertarian plot!

Strategic fertility, eh? It all fits into place. Caplan will sell his book (of course, being a relatively well-known libertarian professor, the book will disproportionately sell to libertarians), convincing like-minded (and selfish!) individuals to have more kids. These selfish, libertarian types will then come to outnumber everyone else, fulfilling Caplan’s own prophecy about strategic fertility!

Caplan is no stranger to nefarious schemes. After all, this is a man who confesses a wish to clone himself!

Now that we’ve uncovered this fiendish political plot, what shall we do? Is it a selfish reason to fear for the future, or is it just another selfish reason to have more kids?

(I am just kidding)

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